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Arielle Shnaidman

Coach, NLP

Arielle Shnaidman is a business and mindset coach with a background in startups and marketing. She helps entrepreneurial women overcome stress, communicate their value powerfully, and go from ideas to action. Arielle is also trained and certified in neuro-linguistic programming, and life, success, motivational, and social and emotional intelligence coaching.
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“Imposter syndrome mixed with “hustle culture” is the perfect recipe for burnout and misery.”
What was your path to becoming a coach?
Before launching my coaching practice, I was a startup marketer riddled with self-doubt. I’d co-founded a startup that failed and then built my career doing messaging and storytelling at other startups. The “you’re not enough” whisper was always buzzing in the back of my mind. Turns out, imposter syndrome mixed with “hustle culture” is the perfect recipe for burnout and misery. After having two parents battle cancer before the age of 50 and only one surviving, it finally dawned on me that the time to enjoy my life was now. I invested in therapy and coaching myself, and then got certified as an NLP Master Practitioner and coach. Now, I marry the skills I’ve learned in the startup and coaching worlds to support my clients.
What should someone know about working with you?
I help my clients develop a more resilient, growth-oriented mindset (the inner work) and help them go from ideas to action (results). I believe that without addressing the mindset blocks that hold people back, achieving results becomes that much harder. While I take my work very seriously, most clients find that working with me feels like speaking with a trusted friend. I begin most engagements by taking my clients through a life wheel, values, and goal-setting exercise. Each client is different and life is always throwing curveballs—that’s why I structure each coaching engagement differently depending on the client’s needs. While there’s a clear structure to ongoing sessions, there’s always flexibility for the client to bring up whatever issues are on their mind.
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What advice would you give to someone who is hesitant to try coaching?
I was hesitant to try coaching or therapy for years. My father passed when I was 13 and I never went to therapy. Later, I waited until I was crippled by self-doubt and anxiety before working with a coach. Now, having worked with a therapist and coaches to address these issues properly and seeing the 180 my brain has made, I wish I would’ve done it sooner. Investing in yourself is the greatest investment you will ever make. The sooner you invest, the more dividends you can collect, and the sooner and longer you’ll be able to reap the rewards. This work will pay dividends for the rest of your life. Always bet on yourself.
What are you most excited about within the evolving mental health landscape?
That therapy and coaching are becoming more widely accepted. You don’t need to wait for a mental breakdown anymore to seek support and have it be “acceptable.” The same way we go to the dentist to check on our teeth, more and more people are now seeing therapy or coaching as a way to keep their minds healthy. This is so exciting to me because now more people will be able to work on themselves and move forward in life without the stigma.
How does your startup and marketing experience influence your coaching?
Most of my clients work in fast-paced environments and/or have businesses of their own. Since I’m from that world, I’m able to deeply connect with my clients and help them find creative solutions to their problems in ways that really stick. My background in entrepreneurship, messaging, and storytelling also enables me to help my clients powerfully communicate what they have to offer. I’m able to support them with the inner work of seeing themselves and their challenges in a new light and then communicating their value externally, so they can get where they need to go in life and achieve their goals.
“Investing in yourself is the greatest investment you will ever make.”
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