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Cheryl Kronhaus Psychotherapy, LICSW

Cheryl Kronhaus is an empathic therapist who has a client-centered approach. She uses CBT, DBT, and mindfulness techniques to offer skills and support. She specializes in anxiety and depression, using individual, family, and couples work. She has extensive experience with children, couples, adolescents, and families.

  • General Mental Health
  • Anxiety and Panic Disorders
  • Depression
  • Grief and Loss
  • Marriage and Partnerships
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  • Massachusetts
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“I am a person of great faith and principles.”
What was your path to becoming a therapist?
I started out working with families doing outreach as a paraprofessional and I knew this was the type of work I wanted to do. I have been a program director for an outreach program. I’ve worked primarily in outpatient and I love helping people in their community. I have done training with the Relational Life Institute and developed my skills working with couples. Recently, I started writing guided meditations for my clients and helping them with mindfulness skills. After 30 plus years, I have seen it all and heard it all. I still am honored to work with so many wonderful people.
What should someone know about working with you?
I always start by telling people that I have complete compassion and I know you have done the best you could with what you’ve had to work with. My job is to offer skills to get you where you want to go. What would you like to take away from our first session? I love to work with couples and young adults. I've recently picked up a number of cancer patients and find this to be rewarding. I do give homework.
How do your core values shape your approach to therapy?
I am a person of great faith and principles. I believe in the law of attraction and the importance of where you put your focus. I believe we are all here for a reason and that reason is to raise the vibration of the planet by following the golden rule. I’m a big fan of Carl Rogers and believe in unconditional positive regard.
“I’m a big fan of Carl Rogers and believe in unconditional positive regard.”
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