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Gayle Weill Psychotherapy, LCSW

Gayle Weill’s passion is working with women experiencing symptoms of anxiety, parenting stress, or relationship and family conflict. She has specialized training in child-parent psychotherapy, EMDR, the Circle of Security parenting program, and hypnosis. She also has national accreditation and training in adoption competency.

  • Anxiety and Panic Disorders
  • General relationship challenges (family, friends, co-workers)
  • Parenting
  • Women’s Mental Health
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  • UnitedHealthcare
  • Oxford Health Plans
  • Aetna
  • UMR
  • Oscar
  • UHC Student Resources
  • AllSavers UHC
  • Harvard Pilgrim
  • United Healthcare Shared Services
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Licensed in
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  • Connecticut
  • New York
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“I AM NOT A 'SMILE AND NOD' THERAPIST; I roll up my sleeves and get in there with you, I have a great BS detector, and I’ll call you on your stuff.”
What was your path to becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker?
You probably want to know if I know what I’m doing and what inspires me to work with women experiencing motherhood stress, relationship difficulties, and anxiety. The first part will be answered by the resume-type stuff, though it is definitely informed by what I’m about to tell you. I love working with clients with these struggles because I’ve been there; I get it on a level I couldn’t without living through it. I know those pits of despair well enough to have my own personal roadmaps out. Your roadmap will be different and we won’t rely on mine, but I want you to know that I’ve fought my way through, too. I believe you have the resilience and guts to make it out. It took me a while to figure out that if I just learned to feel my feelings without occupying myself in some other way, I would get through things faster. The upside is that, in all that avoidance, I learned a ton. I’m happy to pass on that knowledge so you don’t waste time and spin your wheels like I did.
What should someone know about working with you?
I AM NOT A “SMILE AND NOD” THERAPIST; I roll up my sleeves and get in there with you, I have a great BS detector, and I’ll call you on your stuff. We’ll laugh (a lot) and I’m not afraid to talk about anything you need to talk about. After so many years in this field, I’m unshockable. Let’s get it all out; there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Working with women who are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and/or relationship issues is my passion. My goal is to help you to feel understood and validated. I do this by listening to you very carefully and asking questions to help us figure out the root cause of your distress. Once we can identify the root of the issue, we can figure out how to help you move forward and figure out a plan for facing life’s challenges head-on. Many people come to me and tell me that they don’t know where to start or how to explain what’s been going on, and that is totally okay; let the therapist worry about all of that. Let’s work together and figure it out.
What are you most excited about within the evolving mental health landscape?
Telehealth is amazing and research is showing that a virtual therapy session has the same efficacy as an in-person therapy session. The best part about telehealth is that you don’t waste your time commuting to sessions, there's no need to change out of your pajamas if you don't want to, and you can literally schedule therapy during your lunch break. Telehealth is making therapy more accessible than ever.
“We’ll laugh (a lot) and I’m not afraid to talk about anything you need to talk about.”
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