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Jacqueline Warner Psychotherapy, LMFT

Jacqueline Warner looks forward to walking with you as you tackle the concerns bringing you here today. She is a collaborative, warm, attuned, and skillful therapist who genuinely enjoys the work of supporting you and your partner to create a connected, peaceful, balanced, and joyful relationship. She is an emotionally-focused couples therapist with advanced training.

  • Life Transitions
  • General relationship challenges (family, friends, co-workers)
  • Sex and intimacy
  • Marriage and Partnerships
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  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Massachusetts
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“I want you to experience healing and the ability to transfer what you learn in sessions to your home.”
What was your path to becoming a therapist?
I've always been a "people helper" and was fortunate to identify what I wanted to do early on. I have enjoyed working in several different settings, including the Yale Child Study Center’s IICAPS program, group practices, a community agency, and private practice. I have pursued advanced training in attachment-based therapy models, including emotionally-focused couples therapy and AEDP. I also use structural and Gottman models with clients and see great value in the combination of these approaches! I see value in our past experiences and want to know your life experience, but I understand those experiences and narratives within the larger context of your life and relationships. In other words, how do they impact you today?
What should someone know about working with you?
I tell everyone that my job is to get fired! As much as I may come to love you, I don't want you to need me years from now (unless something new pops up, of course). I want you to experience healing and the ability to transfer what you learn in sessions to your home. So, I will dig in with you, I will challenge you, and I will encourage you to give yourself and others grace. We will consistently work toward your goals and get you to a more fulfilling place. I am collaborative in my approach and will direct you as needed, but I expect you to do your work in and out of session. I always end up caring deeply for my clients and feel it is a true privilege to get to know you! I also look forward to the day you are ready to fly!
What do you do to continue learning and building competencies as a provider?
I'm not sure if these questions are the ones you (the client) most want answered, lol, but I'm happy to oblige! I am a training junky, y'all. If I could attend a new one every week, I would; I see SO much value in continuous learning. This is especially true in a field where we are constantly learning something new about being human, our miraculous brains, and our emotional, physical, and chemical impact on each other. I have pursued training in couples work, attachment-based therapy, body-based therapy, and cultural competency. I have a deep understanding of my role as your therapist and the importance I play in honoring who you are as a person. I regularly collaborate with colleagues, receive consistent consultation with a former supervisor, attend far more training than is required, and engage in my own personal therapy. I feel anything less would be a disservice to you…...and I take that seriously.
How do your core values shape your approach to therapy?
I like to think my own upbringing, experiences, and background don't factor into how I conduct sessions but the reality is we're all human and a "blank slate" is impossible. That said, I have done a ton of personal work and healed from significant traumas and losses. I have my feet firmly on the ground, so my issues are separate from our time together. I, like many, have not had a "Disney World" version of life or relationships, and this shapes how and why I am a therapist. Even if our stories look different on the outside, I am usually familiar with the felt experiences you may bring into my office. In terms of cultural sensitivity, I do my very best (whatever that means at my stage of growth). It's a constant learning process, isn't it? I am aware of my privileges as a cis-gendered, heterosexual, educated white woman from an upper-middle-class family. I challenge myself regularly as I hope to respect and embrace who you are as an individual.
“So, I will dig in with you, I will challenge you, and I will encourage you to give yourself and others grace.”
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