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Nicole Sisti Psychotherapy, LCSW

Nicole Sisti is a mind/body-oriented therapist who believes that our thoughts, emotions, nervous system, and physical body are interconnected. She combines theories of talk therapy while emphasizing the need to feel, reprocess, and experience new emotions. This informs the way she works with couples and individuals, emphasizing the need to re-build secure attachment within relationships. Nicole is also a brainspotting practitioner. Brainspotting is a powerful therapy that uses bilateral stimulation and focal points to help people access, process, and overcome trauma. Brainspotting can also be used with clients who struggle with depression and anxiety.

  • General Mental Health
  • General relationship challenges (family, friends, co-workers)
  • Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
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  • New York
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“My sessions are often integrated with grounding and breathing exercises that bring awareness into our bodies.”
What was your path to becoming a therapist?
I have always had an innate desire to understand and embrace human connection. I was often considered the mediator in my friend group and had a naturally curious and empathetic approach to life. I pursued my masters degree at Silberman school of Social Work and have been able to work with a wide range of folks from diverse backgrounds. I spent five years working as a family and individual therapist with a non-profit organization in Brooklyn. It was there that I learned the value of systems work and how to make meaning out of the way we connect and relate to one another.
What should someone know about working with you?
I take a person-centered approach and value collaboration within our therapeutic relationship. In our work together we will identify goals and will check in regularly to ensure we are on the right path. I integrate psychodynamic techniques that will help you gain insight into patterns developed early on in life while also bringing awareness to the present moment. I focus on emotions and sensations experienced in session and will encourage you to notice and release them. My work with couples draws from this same method. We will make meaning of interactions that cause distress within your relationship and will focus on the emotions that arrive in session. My goal is for you and your partner(s) to understand each person's role within the relationship while responding to each other’s needs in a way that secures your attachment to one another.
How do your own core values shape your approach to therapy?
I value mindfulness and believe that In order to grow, we must first notice the way we exist in the present moment. My sessions are often filled with grounding and breathing exercises that bring awareness into our bodies. I also value human connection and approach life through a strength-based lens. I see the best in people and believe that gaining a deeper understanding of our emotions will lead us to healing.
What are you most excited about within the evolving mental health landscape?
I am excited that mental health is normalizing and embracing the body aspect of healing. I believe that we often get lost in the content of our interactions and overlook the deeper meaning that motivates our behavior within relationships. Noticing and feeling emotions in the present moment provides us with an opportunity to respond and re-experience them in a more productive way.
“I take a person-centered approach and value collaboration within our therapeutic relationship.”
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