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Thalia Longchamp is a master-level certified Shamanic Reiki practitioner. She helps clients who are feeling stuck, directionless, and lost redirect their focus inward to improve their mind, body, heart, and soul and live in a more inspired, confident, and cosmically conscious way. She has spent her whole life developing hyper-intuitive abilities, having been born with strong empathetic gifts. Thalia also completed 72 hours of training from the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology to earn her practitioner certification in CBT for anxiety, depression, trauma and related issues, which allows her to inform her Shamanic Reiki practice with CBT methods.
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“This work is about having people recognize the God within — that they are infinite beings and that they are the love they seek. They are enough.”
What was your path to becoming a Shamanic Reiki Master? What inspired you to choose this profession?
I was born with strong empathic gifts such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. In other words: clear seeing, clear hearing, clear feeling, and clear knowing. Ever since I was young, friends, family, and mostly strangers would come up to me to share their origin story, their deepest wounds and traumas, and where they felt stuck in life. They open up and feel comfortable with me without knowing exactly why — it just pours out of them. I had been speaking and thinking in the Shamanic way for years without knowing how or what I was doing; it was just coming from my soul. Eventually I researched my psychic gifts and came upon Shamanism. Everything clicked and I had to learn more, so I became a certified Shamanic Reiki practitioner. This has allowed me to refine what I already knew and had learned from extensive research on the subject of the spiritual world, us as spiritual beings, and the concept of oneness.
What would you want someone to know about working with you?
I want clients to understand that I am guiding them through a journey through the conscious and subconscious — light and shadow aspects of themselves — and that they will participate in the journeying process with me. When most people think of Reiki, they think of a spa-like treatment, but Shamanic Reiki goes deeper. It is about connecting to the higher self and bringing fragmented aspects of the psyche and soul back into a person's body in order to achieve harmony within. Clients should prepare to be the healer in my sessions. I am merely the one facilitating: a pure vessel for spirit to work through me for the client.
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What do you think is the biggest barrier today for people seeking care?
They feel marginalized by society. They feel like there is something wrong with them from the minute they step into a waiting room and have to check off boxes to describe how they're feeling. People need to be seen for who they are in order to find peace and for true healing to occur. The fear of being told something about themselves that is true and that they don't want to face holds people back from seeking care. But the truth is that we all have traumas. Being born is traumatic. Being rejected at a young age from friends or family is traumatic. Not being able to express yourself as a young child, for one reason or another, is traumatic. Uncovering the things that make us feel separation or feel abnormal is very scary, and it's this fear that prevents people from seeking care.
What is something you want people to know about the Shamanic Reiki experience who might be hesitant to try it?
Nothing about it is harmful. Absolutely nothing. Everything is energy. We all come from a source or God that exists on the highest frequency, which is unconditional love. By being attuned and well-prepared by spirit, and by the placement of my hands on or above certain chakras or parts of the body, I am bringing light back into the areas of wounding. The universe does not like empty space. Negative or distorted energies within the soul and body need to be replaced with our true and natural selves, and with light and love. Reiki energy has its own intelligence, as well as spirit. It knows exactly where it needs to go for the individual, no matter where I place my hands. The main thing for the client is to trust that everything is as it should be and is working as it should be.
What excites you most about the evolving mental health landscape?
More and more in the wellness and mental health industry, we are starting to see people seek out some kind of spiritual guidance. Or at the very least, they are looking for answers about their existence that go beyond what we can perceive with our eyes. When mental health providers try to get their clients to a state of joy and self-awareness, what they are consciously or unconsciously doing is inviting the client to tap into themselves on a more intuitive, authentic, soul level. That invitation forces the client to use parts of themselves that maybe they aren't used to using, and this is exciting for me because then it opens them up to discover the vastness of who they are as a being. It's great to see how the mental health industry and more holistic industries are integrating to help people see and understand all aspects of who they are.
“By being attuned and well-prepared by spirit, and by the placement of my hands on or above certain chakras or parts of the body, I am bringing light back into the areas of wounding.”
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