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Georgiana Avram is a warm and compassionate therapist who believes that healing and personal growth stem from the therapeutic relationship. Georgiana uses a psychodynamic approach, focused on gaining insight into one’s internal and external worlds. From this understanding, new possibilities leading to personal growth are created.

  • General Mental Health
  • Life Transitions
  • Personal Growth and Self-Esteem
  • General relationship challenges (family, friends, co-workers)
  • Religion and Spirituality
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  • Oxford Health Plans
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  • UHC Student Resources
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  • Maryland
  • New York
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“Every session is essentially a conversation about the present, the past, and the future.”
What was your path to becoming a therapist?
Psychotherapy was not a direct path for me; although I was always interested in emotions and I was curious about people and their stories, I studied marketing as an undergrad and moved to New York City to become an actor. After years of working in the corporate world and hustling as an actor, I wanted a meaningful career. I was seeing a therapist at the time and I discussed with her the possibility of going back to school and becoming a therapist myself. I saw it as an option and I decided to go for it. The decision was easy and felt right in my gut. Throughout my years studying and receiving supervision, I learned so much about myself and how the process of psychotherapy works. I am fascinated by this process, as I feel it is both art and science. There is something magical that happens in the therapeutic space that can’t always be described in words. I am extremely grateful to be able to serve others in this way and to grow and learn together with my clients.
What should someone know about working with you?
Every session is essentially a conversation about the present, the past, and the future. I like the spontaneity of showing up as a clean slate and taking whatever is in front of us, unpacking it, and processing it. I don’t typically assign homework unless I feel there is a need to. Most sessions are unstructured but rich in exploration and we go deep. Insights and breakthroughs can happen at any time. I ask that you are open and willing to trust the process and I will guide you along the way.
How do your core values shape your approach to therapy?
I grew up in another country and in a very different political regime. I came to the United States as a teen. It was a difficult time to adjust to a whole new culture and a whole new way of living. I understood early on the importance of mentors, teachers, and guides. I understood the importance of having emotional support from your loved ones. Sometimes, I had to struggle with feelings on my own. Sometimes, I sought help. The help people have given me throughout my life has been monumental and inspired me to do the same for others. I am passionate about helping my clients achieve wellness, a strong sense of self, and resilience.
What are you most excited about within the evolving mental health landscape?
I am hopeful that mental health treatment will become available to a wider population. I hope that people of all ages and backgrounds can easily have access to mental health treatment. I enjoy teletherapy as I find it a convenient way to keep up with treatment and serve a wider range of the population. I am excited to become more competent in servicing marginalized populations and oppressed populations and destigmatizing psychotherapy.
“I like the spontaneity of showing up as a clean slate and taking whatever is in front of us, unpacking it, and processing it.”